How would you like to be
relaxing and enjoying
a nice cold beverage of your choice on an elegant
structure as the one shown here?

With our Custom Shop Creation program, this “dream deck” could be yours!

Our “CSC” program is very simple – each kit consists of a set of rails and the necessary mounting hardware to quickly install your railing.

We offer two different types of CSC railings – CSC “Z-Series” and CSC Integra Rail.  The “Z-Series” railing is a routed vinyl railing system (shown above) and the Integra Rail is a composite railing system using Fibrex® technology.  Pilot holes are drilled into the railing systems to guide you during the installation of the baluster mounting hardware.

Just select which type of railing you prefer below, then proceed with the steps to select your railing options.  When you are done with these steps, you will then need to select your infill (aka balusters, pickets, etc.).  We currently offer a 3/4″ metal baluster, a 4″ glass baluster, and a 1 1/4″ composite baluster.  Within the description of each item, you will find the quantities necessary to complete your desired length of railing.  Please be aware that some of the items can only be ordered in certain quantities.

Once you have your “designer railings” in your shopping cart, you can then move on to steps 3 & 4 in the left menu to ensure that you have ordered all of the necessary components to complete your your “Custom Shop Creation” railing system.

Have some questions, contact our customer service department at 877-649-9896.  If a customer service representative is not immediately available, please leave a message with your contact information and they will return your call as soon as they become available.  You can also send in your questions via email to [email protected] and a representative will get back to you shortly.

*Products in this category are made-to-order and may able to ship within 10 business days.

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